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Joy Sessions with Nicola Jackman

Laughter Yoga with Julia

Whada whada with Marcel

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JOY SESSIONS are gaining FUNtastic results for individuals and groups as they be- come more active in choosing their state for being and not being so affected by life when shift happens



LOVE vs FEAR – Tools to joyfully transform fear and access solution orientation. The physical and the science of being pro-active and joyful




Joy Sessions are very interactive, uplift morale and to inspire everyone to re-connect with their ability to play and laugh again. Some of the benefits of a Joy Session are:


· Improved productivity.

· Renewed motivation, creativity, morale, and meaning in life.

· Increased energy and resilience to stress.

· Elevated enthusiasm and involvement with interactive sessions.

· Alleviation of symptoms of stress, burnout, anxiety and panic attacks.

· Increased wellbeing.


“The UP gave us a good giggle too, with a side-splitting session” HEART, Cape Town

“With today’s fear and stress, UP’s Joy Sessions are a breath of fresh air!  The bubbly and joyful interaction guides everyone out of their heads and into Giggling Gaffaws…”

- Synergy Seminars, Namibia

“The UP put alot of energy into their workshops and it germinated a seed in our minds to look on the bright side; A worthwhile workshop –I’ll definitely use UP’s services again.”

Mark Jennings WCape, Pick ‘n Pay.


“Nicolas presence is a joy and delight, she helped us connect with our inner child and with each other in fun and interactive ways, it was very uplifting and inspiring, Thank you.

Nancy Richards, SAFM presenter and co-founder of Woman Zone


“Thank you so much for your lovely messages of joy and happiness ! It is always a challenge to unite such a diverse group of ages and interests and the feed- back was incredibly positive, so i say YAY !”

Chairlady Royal Cape Ladies Golf Club

“Nicola unleashed some unbridled joy in a place that rarely sees joy – a female prison – she helped us all realise that happiness is not a place but a state.”

Linda Scott – Mothers4All – SA Prison Project

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